Message from Anil Seth President of Sparsh Foundation

I would like to introduce you to the life-changing work that the Senior Citizen SPARSH Foundation supports

Through my life, I have been fortunate to have the well wishes and blessings of friends and family – Aayushman bhava! Life is a gift, and with advances in medicine, we are now living longer than ever before. For life to continue to be a gift in our senior years, however, we require the continued support of our friends and family in order to meet the new challenges that accompany our new longevity. But what happens when our friends and family have also aged or are unable to support our needs for other reasons?

At Sparsh, we hope to step in and become the surrogate family that supports Senior Citizens, enabling them to lead a happy and fulfilling life. We want to help our seniors live a stress-free and healthy life at a time when they truly deserve it. We aim to instill the belief in our society that old age is to be celebrated, and not feared. We need your support! Only with your help can Sparsh realize its objective to provide our elders with the respect and care that they deserve. All of us are obligated to care for our parents, grandparents and their peers, and one day, if we are lucky, we too will reach an age where we may also need a little help from our friends.

Each of Sparsh’s seven founding members brings unique life experiences, passion and energy to the table. We are all fully dedicated to the mission of the organization and all feel great pride in our work. We share a vision and are here today to invite you to join us—-to realize for yourselves the societal and personal benefits Sparsh promises.

Our immediate plan is to facilitate health care for the elders through collaborations with service providers. Sparsh aims to make health care hassle free and easily accessible. We are also undertaking the development of a model village in Madhya Pradesh near Gwalior. We are seeking to provide the housing and social infrastructure for about 400 families.

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