Self Dependence for Senior Citizens
INDIA, the youngest nation with almost 50% of its population below the age of 25, will usher in an economic revolution on the global platform. Indirectly or directly, 600 million youth of India will be driving the global economy and will also help various graying nations to keep up their growth trajectory.

All present resources and government machinery are aimed at supporting the above through various policies and innovative thinking. But, what about the most vulnerable group of people in our society - 'The Senior Citizens'? Though in India the size of the elderly population, i.e. persons above the age of 60 years, is constituted at 7.4% of total population at the turn of the new millennium, the same will grow manifold to 323 million by the year 2050 thus making it 20% of India?s population. With the onset of increasing life expectancy and change in family values and social structure, challenges like loneliness, ill health, abuse, safety, redundancy, irrelevance will haunt and prevail heavy on this most vulnerable community, where all of us will reside one day...

'Senior Citizen SPARSH Foundation' is formed by a group of achievers from various walks of life like Architecture, Corporate Management, Medicine, Legal & Finance, Entrepreneurship, Media, who share a common dream of making a difference to the lives of the above group through Individual, Collective & Strategic intervention...
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